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Cost saving measures for wedding budgets, part 2 

As promised, this is the second part of my blog on cost saving measures for wedding budgets.

Hair and Makeup: If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own hair and makeup I suggest you go to a hair and makeup school and have a trial done by one of their students. Artist Within Makeup Academy, Numa International Institute  and Delmar College are some of the schools you can call to make inquiries.

Stephanie Moore Photography, Emily Satnik Makeup Artist


Flowers: I have had brides tell me they are going buy their flowers at Costco and create their own centerpieces and bouquets. I always discourage this because when it comes down to the last few days before the wedding, the last thing a bride wants to be doing is creating her floral arrangements; she wants to enjoying her family and her out of town guests as well as pre-wedding events. So,what I recommend is that they decide on a flower budget and then have consults with several florists. Most florists will do their best to work with you and your budget. One florist I recommend who is very conscious of budget is Dana of DeeVine Petals . Also, it is always less expensive to use flowers in season and locally grown flowers. You can also use silk flowers or mix them with real flowers. Using larger blooms, such as hydrangeas, can be more cost effective as they use up more room in the centerpiece or the bouquet therefore not needing as many flowers.

You may also consider silk flowers; you can now get silk flowers that are such good quality that they look like real flowers. I have also seen some florist mix silk flowers with real flowers to save on cost.

DeeVine Petals, Twenty Twenty Photography


Cake: Cakes these days are really elaborate. So, a great way to save money on your wedding cake, is to have a small cake for you and your fiancee to cut and then have a sheet cake that the chef will cut up for the guests. Also, many couples are choosing to have cup cakes instead of a cake which are very popular with guests. I have had some couples chose to have a dessert table instead of cake; guest also love that.

Crave cup cakes, Cassie’s Camera


Music: It is lovely to have live music at your ceremony but unfortunately it can prove to be quite expensive. So, I would suggest that you contact your local music school and ask one of the students to come play the guitar or the piano (many of them have portable key boards that work great).

A good DJ can be quite pricey so, a good alternative is to create a playlist on an MP3 player and connect it to the venue’s audio system. You could ask a friend to be in charge of running the device so that you don’t have to worry about the music.

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Decor: Renting decor can be quite pricey so I usually recommend making your own, borrowing from friends who recently got married or purchasing second hand items on Kijiji or on various Facebook pages. Here is one that is very popular:



Wedding Planner:

It is highly recommended that in order to have your wedding run smoothly and efficiently, that you hire a wedding coordinator; this will guarantee that you will be “a guest at your own wedding”.  http://boutiqweddings.com/services/

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