Wedding Masters of Ceremony

Duties of a wedding Masters of Ceremony


Most events, whether they are corporate events, social events or weddings, usually require someone to run the show. That is were the Masters of Ceremony, or Emcee, or MC, comes in. MCs act as hosts of the events and need to provide all the necessary information of what will be occurring during the event.

  1. Before you get started, always check the podium from which you will be speaking and that the microphone works.
  2. Introduce yourself to the speakers you don’t know and explain how you will be running the show.
  3. Get the tone right. You need to speak clearly and loudly, but this shouldn’t be interpreted as bossy and deafening. You are giving announcements, not barking orders at your troops
  4. Keep humor to a minimum, you haven’t been employed to be the stand-up comic. Whilst a witty foreword before introducing each speaker can work well, it must be kept short and relevant.
  5. Don’t indulge in too much champagne during the cocktail hour; this way you will keep a clear head to make sure you perform your role with integrity and good humor.

Once you have prepared your role, here are guidelines on how it should pan out.

  1.  Introduce yourself as well as mention what their relationship is with the couple.
  2. Mention housekeeping rules….emergency exits, smoking areas, washroom locations, remind guests to put their cell phones on silent, to sign any guest book and to help themselves to any favors that may be available. Also mention what is expected of the guests, for example, the MC can give instructions on how the guests can get the bride and groom to kiss.
  3. Announcing the wedding party as well as the bride and groom into the reception room.
  4. When there is a buffet meal, the MC has to direct each table to the buffet table.
  5.   Introduce all speakers while also giving some interesting information about each speaker.
  6. Announce the cake cutting.
  7. Announce the first dance.
  8. Once the first dance has been announced, the microphone is usually handed over to the DJ or the band.
  9. Job well done, party on.

Being asked to be the emcee at a wedding is an honor, so you want to make sure the bride and groom are happy with your performance. All the best to you!


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Photo of the blond Emcee was taken by Crysta Lee Photography.