Wedding dress blues

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding

Congratulations! Your big day passed by so quickly and was a great success. Now what do you do with your wedding dress? Well, here are some great suggestions.

You may want to preserve your dress. First you need to have the dress dry cleaned within 2 weeks after the wedding, and then, the dry cleaner will wrap your dress in acid-free paper or muslin and then place in an acid-free or pH neutral box. The box has to be kept in cool dry place away from sunlight preferably at a temperature of 14C and 50-60% humidity.This allows the dress to breath and adjust to changes in temperature. Check dress every few months for any damages.

Here are some local dry cleaners who can take care of this for you:

Martinizing by Stephen Cleaners

Dry Cleaning by Dave


Another thing you can do with your dress is donate it so that a less fortunate bride can enjoy your beautiful dress on her wedding day. The dress has to be less then 2 years old, dry cleaned and in mint condition. Below are two places you can donate your dress.

The Bragging Bride Boutique

The Thrifty Bride-Women in Need Society


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You may also choose to sell your dress…a small return on your investment. Your dress has to be dry cleaned, 2 years old or less, never worn or worn once. Below are two stores that take in consignment wedding dresses.


Everthine Bridal

The Bragging Bride Boutique


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