Wedding Dessert trends for 2019

Wedding Cakes and Dessert Tables

For many years wedding cakes were all the rage and today some couples still like the tradition of a wedding cake but others like to be creative and have dessert tables. I have seen donut bars, cookie tables, candy tables, cupcakes of all sizes and even pie tables. Guests love the variety of sweets and couples love that less expensive and creative options.

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Wedding cakes on the other hand, have become a lot more original and creative.  We now see cakes hand painted cakes, 3D textures, naked cakes, two tone and marble and all white cakes. These days butter cream icing seems to be more popular than fondant icing and adding touches of metals as well as cascading flowers really make the cake look fabulous. Cake designers now offer a huge variety of flavors which can be mixed in the different tiers of the cakes. For example, on a three tiered cake, you can have one tier be red velvet, another chocolate and the third can be lemon. It all depends on the taste of the client. I also highly recommend that you have a taste testing to make sure you like the cake that will be served; it’s actually a lot of fun. Here are some example of lovely cakes by some of the vendors that Boutiq Weddings & Events works with.






Swirl Custom Cakes and Desserts





      TLaw Photography.…cake created by chefs at The Lake House

Swirl Custom Cakes and Desserts


Swirl Custom Cakes and Desserts

Either way, desserts are always a great way to end a meal, especially if they are beautifully designed cakes. Enjoy!