Wedding Day Emergency Kit


What you need on your wedding day

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are probably starting to feel a little anxious. You could probably cut down on your stress by creating an emergency kit of all the items you may need  when you check in to the hotel to get ready for your wedding day. Let me give you a recommended list:


Hair spray


Bobby pins

Clear Nail Polish

Pair of nylons





Breath mints

Safety pins


Water bottles

Lipstick and other makeup

Cell phone


Some cash

Tips for vendors

Crazy Glue


You should start organizing your kit at least a month before hand so that you remember to add things as they come up. Or, you can always ask your maid of honor to organize it for you. Either way, you will feel less stressed knowing you have these items all organized in case of an emergency.

Or, you can have your wedding planner bring her and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Happy Wedding Day!!!!