The Best Way To Keep Your Guests Informed

The last thing you want to be doing leading up to your wedding and on the day is being the information center for all the times and places to be. Whether you have a small or large invite list, you are going to want to let your guests know all the important information in the easiest and most convenient way possible! We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to keep your guests informed during your wedding:

Wedding Website

Thankfully, wedding websites are super easy to set up these days! You can host your own or use easy to follow templates from:

  • Zola
  • The Knot
  • Appy Couple
  • Joy
  • Wedding Wire
  • eWedding.com

This is a great spot for all the details and updates. We recommend still sending out paper “Save The Dates” and invites but make sure to include your website on those so people can easily reference the details.


We don’t mean a program just for your ceremony and all your speakers, we are talking about a full wedding weekend of events! For destination weddings, this makes a great “welcome” card and for local weddings, it can be handed out at the ceremony or first event. The program can include when and where everything is taking place, from cocktail hour, dinner, and the after party. A special program can be created for the wedding party and family so they can stay in the loop for hair and makeup, and specific photo times. This can be an actual paper program or easily live on your website.

Apps and Texting Groups

Lastly, in the digital world, there is an app for that! Creating specific groups via “WhatsApp” you can mass message a group of people and connect your wedding guests. There are also a lot of fun photo sharing apps so you can save all the fun memories created during your wedding with family and friends.

Regardless of how you choose to stay connected with your guests, it is best practice to keep everyone informed. This will help make sure everyone is at the right place at the right time so things can continue to run smoothly. Because at the end of the day you want to be enjoying your day, not reciting the day’s itinerary for the 50th time.

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  1. This is a great idea. Me and my wife were really hassled with all the planning and preparation that we had to go through for our son’s wedding. We will certainly use this for our daughter’s wedding due by the end of 2021. A lot of planning has to be done and a tool will be of great assistance.

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