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Preserving your wedding dress

So what do you do with your wedding dress after all has been said and done and the photos have turned out beautifully? Well, there are a few options, one of which, is clean and preserve your dress.I recently met one of the managers for Maritinizing by Stephen Cleaners, Jordan Crowell, and he explained how the whole process works:

“We clean the dress after the wedding and preserve the incredible investment and memories that go along with it. Each dress is very unique and we have a team that has been cleaning wedding dresses for over 30 years. When a dress comes in we exam it and determine how dirty it is, where its dirty and if there needs to be any repairs done. Then we go to work cleaning the dress by hand to make sure it looks better then when you got it.” 

He went on to say:

Preservation is extremely important due to particles in the atmosphere that stick to your dress and if left to sit in a dress bag in your closet/basement it has the possibility of turning yellow. The boxes we use last 100 years and are guaranteed to keep your dress safe. Earlier this year we had a lady who came in and shared her story about how she brought her dress in over 25 years ago to get cleaned and preserved after her wedding. 25 years later (this year) she wanted to renew her wedding vows with her husband. She goes down into her basement to retrieve her preserved wedding dress. She pulls it out and in her own words she said, “it looked like I had just bought it!” She was able to wear her original wedding dress to renew her vows with her husband on their 25th wedding anniversary.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear your own wedding dress after 25 years!!! That is so great on so many levels! Also, as an added bonus, they also provide wedding dress steaming; something you may need if your wedding dress is sent to you by mail or courier and arrives badly wrinkled.The other service Martinizing provides is restoration of all clothes including wedding dresses. Jordan was telling me that they recently had a client whose clothes were soaked in a flood that happened in their house and Maritinizing was able to restore the clothes to their original appearance.

Below are the addresses of their location.

Martinizing Varsity
Dry Cleaner
4625 Varsity Dr NW
(403) 288-8796
Dry Cleaner
5505 Shaganappi Trail NW
(403) 286-4166
Open until 5:00 PM
Crowfoot Martinizing
Dry Cleaner
240 Crowfoot Crescent NW  (403) 547-6666
Martinizing Hamptons
Dry Cleaner
1000 Hamptons Dr NW
(403) 208-0003
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by Alexandra Slawek Calgary Wedding Planner

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