Senior’s farewell party

A couple of years ago, a wedding planning colleague, recommended me to an elderly couple who wanted to get married; Ron was 92 and Diane was 86. They were such a lovely sweet couple who really loved each other and wanted to make their relationship official. I arrived at their condo and we started planning their special day. They wanted to get married in the courtyard of their condo building with a harpist playing some of their favorite tunes and their pastor blessing their union, followed by a small reception in the party room in their building inviting only their closest family and friends. So, we hired a caterer to serve hors d’oeuvres, a bartender to pour cocktails, a florist to embellish the room with gorgeous flowers and we rented lovely linens to cover the old tables that were in the room. Everything was set. Then I got a phone call from Diane saying that they ran into some problems dealing with their finances, so they decided that instead of getting married, and since everything was planned and booked, they decided to have a party to celebrate their love. Great!!! Two older people in love! I loved it and felt very inspired that no matter how old you are you can still fall in love.

Unfortunately, two weeks prior to the party, Diane had a health scare while visiting her daughter in Regina and it was decided that it would be in her best interest to move to Regina and be close to her family. Ron was heartbroken. It was so sad to watch. So, they decided to turn their celebratory party to a farewell party. Diane left behind her Ron and many of her friends to be taken care of by her family. I felt really sad for both of them, because they were really sweet together but not strong enough to take care of each other’s needs.

So we had the party and everyone had a good time and Diane left the next day leaving behind a broken hearted Ron.

Maybe they were too old to be on their own, but I still think it is a lovely story of love and hope.








Ron and Diane


Florist: Deevine Petals...http://www.deevinepetals.com/

Caterer: Morgan Chayer Culinary Productions…http://www.morganchayer.ca/

Linens: Chair Flair….http://chairflair.ca/