Month of Coordination

First comes love, then comes your wedding planner

Good morning,

So it seems that most of your wedding planning is done and you are pretty happy with all your wedding designs, so now the question is, who will put it all together and run your wedding day? Well, this is where a wedding planner comes in and makes your vision a reality.

More and more engaged couples are hiring wedding planners to double check and confirm all vendors the month of their wedding, as well as write out a processional and a timeline to make your whole day run smoothly. You really don’t want your mother running the event…she is supposed to act as a hostess and enjoy her daughter’s/ son’s wedding. You can actually be a “guest at your own wedding”.

We, at Boutiq Weddings & Events are booking up quickly, however, we still have a few dates open in June, July and September. Please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Alexandra and her team look forward to hearing from you!.



By Alexandra Slawek, Calgary wedding planner