Wedding Coordination

Month of Coordination vs Day of Coordination

The couples and their families who hire planners to coordinate their wedding day say it is the smartest thing they could have done. They all have fun, enjoy their guests, have a little too much to drink and don’t worry about anything but enjoying themselves. So, the question remains, should one hire a planner for “day of coordination” or “month of coordination”. Well, here is what I have to say about that.

Day of coordination seems to have different meanings to different wedding and event planners. Some see it as coming into the venue on the morning of the event to set up and meet all the vendors. The planner may not know the couple very well, let alone the family, she may not be familiar with many of the vendors and she may not even be familiar with the venue. It is a brand new scene and she has to navigate through it, sometimes guessing what the couple wants if some hiccup should arise. There are however, some planners that define “Day of Coordination” as “Month of Coordination”, which can get very confusing to couples.

Month of Coordination is a service that we, at Boutiq Weddings & Events, provide and so do many other planners. Here is what our package provides:

  1. Once contract is signed, all our preferred vendor list
  2. Any advice needed during the planning process
  3. Meet with the client 6 weeks prior to the event to get copies of all contracts, discuss decor and set up, create a timeline, if necessary, choreograph a processional.
  4. Once back at the office, we review all contracts, introduce ourselves to the vendors we are not familiar with, type up the timeline and send it to the appropriate vendors (ei, the photographer, videographer, dj, venue and emcee)
  5. Take care of any last minute details
  6. The day before the event, pick up any important rented items, if necessary, run rehearsal and in some cases, if allowed to go into the venue early, set everything up.
  7. The day of the event, start set up  and managing of all vendors and make sure everything is as specified by client.
  8. Coordinate the whole event and stay to the end to take down and ensure that everything is left as found.
  9. Return rented items to their appropriate vendors the next day.

Basically, the client doesn’t have to worry about anything but have a good time.

So, if you want to make sure that your event is a success, I would strongly urge that you choose “Month of Coordination” rather than “Day of Coordination”. I have never heard a client say that hiring a planner was a waste of money…every single person loved not having to worry about anything.

For more information about our “Month of Coordination” package as well as all our other packages, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or call me at (403)519-7731. You will be very happy you did!