How to hire a wedding vendor

Dos and don’ts of choosing wedding vendors

Congratulations on your engagement!!! Now comes the planning. Of course, my first suggestion is that you hire a wedding planner, me, to help make you planning organized, stress free and fun. All planners have preferred vendors who  provide excellent service and good quality products; many also give the planner’s clients discounts.  However, if you decide to do your own planning, here are some tips on interviewing vendors.

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1/ Do your research on each vendor. Check out their website, any reviews, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

2/ When meeting with them, pay attention to how you feel about them; can you imagine working with this person? Do you feel comfortable around them? Trust your gut.

3/ Don’t go with the cheapest vendor. Hire the one that seems to be the most competent, who understands what you want and is not constantly telling you how great they are. Notice if they are taking an interest in your wedding and your vision.

4/ Ask a lot of questions. How much experience do they have? How long have they been in business? Do they like what they do? Can they give you any past client referrals? Do they have business insurance? 

 5/ If you really like the vendor but you find their prices too steep, you can negotiate. Many vendors are willing to work with you. And if they are not willing to budge, it might be worth paying a little extra to get good products and/or services. For example, hiring  a good photographer may cost you a little more but at least you would be guaranteed to have lovely photos of your wedding.

6/ Make sure that before you sign the contract, you read it over carefully and ask questions if you don’t understand everything. Having a contract is protection for you and the vendor in case something unexpected happens.

7/ And finally, once you have hired the vendor, don’t continue looking. Be confident in your decision.


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All the best in your planning and vendor hunting. I am always here to help!