How to hire a wedding photographer

Tips on hiring a wedding photographer

So you have found your perfect venue for your wedding and reception and now you have to find someone to photograph your special day. In my opinion, a wedding photographer is the most important vendor you need to have on your wedding day (other than your wedding planner of course). Why? Well, when all is said and done, all you have left is your memories and your photographs.

The Calgary wedding market is saturated with wedding photographers so, you , as the consumer, have many choices to find a photographer that fits your budget, personality and sense of humour. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is how comfortable you feel with the photographer. You will be spending at least 9 to 12 hours with him/her and so it is extremely important that you like him/her and are comfortable with him/her being close to you. I suggest that you interview at least 3 photographers before you make your decision.

Here are some tips on the type of questions you should ask during the interview:

1/ What packages do he/she offer and their pricing?

2/ Do the packages include an engagement shoot?

3/ What do he/she wear to photograph weddings? (I once worked with a photographer who showed up to photograph the wedding in torn jeans…very unprofessional)

4/Do he/she have a second shooter available and if so, what is the extra fee?

5/ How long does it take to edit the photos and send them to you?

6/ What happens if he/she is sick on your wedding day?

7/ Is he/she going to photographing your wedding or is he/she sending their assistant

One of the most important characteristics a photographer should have , other than talent in photography, is a sense of humour. He/she have to be able to make you laugh and have fun.

And lastly, there are a lot of inexpensive photographers on Kijiji that you might want to hire because you are on a tight budget; my advice to you is don’t even go there because there is no “do over” with wedding photographs. You want to hire someone who has talent and fits your personality. If they are too expensive for your budget, try to negotiate an hourly rate; so you he/she will only take photos of the ceremony, the family portraits, bridal photos and a few at the reception. Even with this cost saving measure you will still end up with beautiful photos that you will be proud to display.

So, here are some of my favorite photographers that I highly recommend;

Studio Lumen….Jean-Marc and Gillian….http://weddings.studiolumen.ca/

TLaw Photography…Terrence Law…http://www.tlawphotography.ca/

Geoff Wilkings Photography…Geoff Wilkings...http://geoffwilkings.com/

…and many more that would take forever to list. I know there is one out there for you!!! Good luck!


by Alexandra Slawek, Calgary Wedding Planner