How to have a stress free wedding day

Keep calm it is your wedding day #2

Making an effective wedding day schedule

It’s your wedding day and the last thing you want to be is too tired to enjoy it.

Be proactive and make a “day of” schedule. Schedules help you stay focused on enjoying each moment of your special day. Not only will you know what needs to be done, the people helping will also know. Also when tasks are written down, as opposed to given verbally, there is no ambiguity on what the task is and who is doing it.

photography by Crista Lee Photogaphy
photography by Crista Lee Photogaphy

It’s easy to create your own spreadsheet or download free templates – but, how can you make your schedule effective? Here’s how.

Title columns “Activity/Task”, “Time”, “Location” and “Person responsible”.

  •   Be specific. Instead of listing “deliver flowers”, break the task down. For example, who is responsible for delivering        boutonnieres? Bouquets? Ceremony flowers? Etc.
  • Assign a “supervisor” to overlook the schedule and answer questions. Avoid assigning this role to someone in the bridal party.
  • The supervisor should also have contact names/numbers of your vendors and ask your vendors to call the supervisor if they have any questions.
  • Be realistic when scheduling times and be aware of the time needed to complete the task. For example, hair and makeup can take a minimum of 2.5 hours for each person. And don’t forget to factor in travel time. Give everyone enough time to complete his/her task before moving on to the next one.
  • Have some flexibility. This way, if an appointment runs late or delays occur, it won’t mess up the entire day.
  • Review the schedule with everyone and ensure the supervisor has contact numbers for everyone on the spreadsheet and vice versa.

Be proactive, make your schedule, list the tasks and trust they will get done. You’ve done all you can to make day a success. Even with the best schedules, delays can happen.  Don’t worry! We’ve seen many weddings and everything always comes together nicely..

Now sit back, relax and savor each moment of your special day.


Photography by Crista Lee Photography
Photography by Crista Lee Photography



Written by Shaila Khan, Motivational speaker