Best Man and Maid of Honor

The roles of the Maid of Honor and the Best Man

So you have been honored with the roles of Maid of Honor or Best Man for your best friend’s wedding and now you are not quite sure what it entails. Well, first let me start with a little history on how and why these roles were created and how they continue to be fulfilled. Maid of Honor is the name give to the bride’s best friend (if she was married, she was called the Matron of Honor).  During Roman times, the bride’s best friend would dress the same as the bride in order to confuse the evil spirits who might be lurking around to snatch the bride. These days, the MOH responsibilities are to support the bride when shopping for her wedding dress, assist in organizing the bridal shower, organize the bachelorette party and help the bride on her wedding day. She should make sure the bride is kept hydrated and has something to eat, she holds her bouquet and the groom’s wedding band during the ceremony and last, but not least, delivers a heart felt speech to honor her friend the bride. 

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The best man’s role can be traced back to the Goth community in Germany; when a groom found his bride in another town, he would have to kidnap her because her family usually did not approve of her choice of husband considering he was not from the same town. So, the best man would be the bridegroom’s bodyguard.


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In today’s world the best man is responsible for support the groom as well as helping find a suit, organizing the bachelor party, making sure the groom arrives dressed and ready for the ceremony including helping him with his boutonniere; he also holds the rings during the ceremony and then toasts the bride and groom while delivering  a great speech in honor of his friend the groom.

It is an honor to be asked to be BM or MOH, so please enjoy your role and help make your friends’ day one that they will always remember.