Wedding day timeline


How to be organized on your wedding day


Many couples these days hire wedding planners to help them plan their wedding and keep them organized on their wedding day. However, for those of you who do not have room for a planner in your budget, here are some tips on how to keep your day organized and running on time.

1/ Make sure you have a list and contact information of all the vendors that you have hired for the day.

2/ Prepare yourself an emergency kit in case of spills, tares or tears. For more details check

3/ Have one person, a friend or a relative be in charge of all the vendor deliveries, the set up and keeping to the schedule.

4/ Write out a detailed wedding day itinerary of the whole day from the time you get up in the morning to the time everyone leaves the venue. Below is an example of one that can be very helpful:


Time Task
  Wake up and eat a good breakfast
  Hair appointments
  Makeup appointments
  Maid/matron of honor and best man arrive
  Bridesmaids and groomsmen arrive
  Flowers for bridal party are delivered
  Get dressed (aim for approx. 2 hours before ceremony start time—groom

might need less time)

  Florist arrives at ceremony location
  Photographer arrives
  Videographer arrives
  Photo session starts
  Limousine, car service, transportation arrives for the wedding party
  Depart for ceremony location
  Arrive at ceremony location
  Photos at ceremony location
  Caterer arrives at reception venue
  Musicians, singers, soloists, etc. arrive at ceremony location
  Ushers start to seat guests (aim for ushers to arrive at least 45 minutes

prior to the ceremony)

  Groom and best man are in place (aim for 20 minutes before the start of

the ceremony)

  Finish seating guests
  Opening song begins
  Bride takes her place (aim for 5 minutes before the start time)
  Processional begins
  Bride walks down the aisle
  Ceremony ends
  After-ceremony photos
  Hors d’oeuvres and drinks are served at the reception venue
  Receiving line forms and greeting of guests starts
  Bride and groom are announced/introduced
  Best man and/or father of the bride’s toast
  Groom’s toast



Time Task                                                                                                   Cont.
  Dinner is served








Speeches (list speaker and time for each)







  First dance
  Parents’ dance
  Cake cutting and dessert
  Bouquet toss
  Garter toss
  Late night coffee/sweets served
  Midnight buffet
  Last dance song
  Limousine/car service/transportation arrives for bride and groom
  Couple departs for honeymoon suite
  Reception venue must be cleared by this time


  Having a detailed timeline will make your day organized, on schedule and stress free. All the best to you on this your best day ever!!!!                                                                                                                                              

                           cartoon wedding planner at work


by Alexandra Slawek, Calgary wedding planner

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